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Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke will show some skin in episode 6

Emilia Clarke, the star of the Game of Thrones, will expose nudity in an upcoming sixth episode of the eighth season. An anonymous source close to the stage has revealed it to Polimedia:

The interest to the show may drop after airing the episode 3 of GoT 8th season. The reason is that final intrigue seems to be resolved in a first half of the final season. As a consequence we need to retain the viewer attention using such technique. We know that some nudity shown by the Mother of Dragons (Daenerys Targaryen) entered hall of fame of the memes and pumped up the GoT ratings. Emilia Clarke has agreed to do such sacrifice in the name of the TV show.

Emilia Clarke has previously been interviewed about nude scenes. Answering on the journalists question about sexually explicit scenes in the series she said that nobody is excited to undress before the worldwide society. But it is ordinary thing for the series like Game of Thrones. She is not shy about it.

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