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Fast Food chains filed revenue reports

The American fast food company Yum Brands has welcomed more customers in its restaurants in recent months. The growth at the KFC chain, where comparable sales increased by 5 percent, caught the eye most. At Taco Bell there was a 4 percent increase in revenues, while Pizza Hut had to do with the same result.

All in all, Yum saw a 4 percent increase in sales in restaurants that have been open for more than a year worldwide. On top of that is the growth as a result of the opening of new fast food restaurants. In the past months, 310 new locations have been added to the restaurant stock worldwide.

However, the turnover figure and the result below the line turned out lower for Yum. That is entirely the result of a multi-year plan whereby Yum wants to lean more on its franchisers. The turnover of the parent company fell by 9 percent to just under $ 1.3 billion. Earnings fell by 39 percent year-over-year to $ 262 million.

CEO Greg Creed spoke of a solid start to the year. Connoisseurs generally described the results of the company as better than expected.

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