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Europeans want to regulate Youtube content availability

There is a simple rule in the society. As soon as someone calls to ‘protect the children’ there are dozens who will use the desired restrictions for suppressing the freedom of speech and other liberties. We’ve seen it before and we see it again.

Strict European rules must also apply to YouTube. The CDA wants parents to be helped to protect their children. The party wants children who watch videos on YouTube to be better protected against images with violence, sex or rough language.

When the age qualification is always in the picture, parents can check at any time whether the video is suitable for their child, according to MP Harry van der Molen. He gets the inspiration for his proposal from his own family.

“My 7-year-old son regularly watches videos through YouTube. As a parent I can hardly determine whether they are suitable. The Kijkwijzer is a great tool. Then you can look over his shoulder just as quickly as your child looks at when shouts from his phone or iPad sound. “

Van der Molen is going to raise this issue today in the debate on the Media Budget in the House of Representatives. He points out that Facebook employs 30,000 people to judge films.

“Then YouTube can do that too.”

There is already a European directive that stipulates that the member states of the European Union must ensure that minors are protected against harmful films. The rules that apply to television programs must also apply to video services, as the Dutch House of Representatives already decided in 2015. But nothing happens in practice. Van der Molen: ,, I’m going to ask the minister if this can be taken on board. ”

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Jeff Roper has been teaching journalism for more than five years. A theorist who nevertheless took up some practice. He is fond of the history of journalism and journalism.

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