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DOE allocates $6B to subsidize old nuclear plants

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), on behalf of the Biden government, is making $6 billion available to maintain the sustainable electricity production of a number of unprofitable nuclear power plants.

In order to combat climate change, electricity must be as ‘clean as possible’ and as much of the not yet electric energy consumption in mobility, industry and heating must switch to electricity.

Electricity production is still far from emission-free on most networks worldwide and electricity consumption will increase. Therefore, it is important to keep existing nuclear power plants in operation. More sustainable electricity than the electricity from existing nuclear power plants can hardly be found. As with wind and solar farms, almost all emissions have already been taken in the construction of the nuclear power plant. Each additional kilowatt hour supplied is therefore practically emission-free. Compared to wind and sun, a nuclear power plant is also weather-independent and most important – massive in scale.

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