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Child-free millennials feel severe press in quarantine

The number of Dutch millennials with mental complaints is relatively large, research shows. How come they experience more stress and dissatisfaction than other generations?

This is evident from recent research by care platform OpenUp. In fact, the results show that youth and young adults of all generations now experience the most mental problems. As many as 70 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 indicate that they currently suffer from stress and dissatisfaction.

The research also shows that many millennials do not have a stable financial basis. This can give rise to negative feelings, such as dissatisfaction. Another reason could be that millennials often do not have children yet.

The research has shown that feelings of dissatisfaction and listlessness are now more common in people without children. People with families have more structure. After all, small children need rhythm. Moreover, they keep you busy all the time. This gives you less time to worry. This is because parents are more used to dealing with stress than people without children.

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