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Canadian PM apologizes for an old ‘blackface’ photo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized on Wednesday for a photo of him taken in 2001. Trudeau can be seen with a brown face painted, a so-called ‘black face’, while brown or black face painting is very sensitive and becomes racist seen.

The prime minister taught at a private school at the time and was present at a party with the theme Arabian Nights. Trudeau now says he “should have known better”.

He also lets Canadian reporters know that he is very sorry for his outfit. In addition, the prime minister admitted that he also used makeup and was dressed up during a talent show at his high school.

For Trudeau, the controversial photo comes to the public at an inconvenient moment. The Prime Minister started his campaign this month for the next election, which will take place on October 21.

His political rivals called the photo “offensive and disturbing.” The Canadian National Council for Muslims (NCCM) responded with irritation to the publication of Time Magazine and called it “very sad” to see the Prime Minister in such a way.

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