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California senator to run with Joe Biden as VP candidate

Joe Biden had already made it clear in March that his running mate would be a woman. Now America knows who it’s gonna be: Kamala Harris, 55, could be the first black vice president of the United States. What can we expect from the California senator?

One thing is clear when you look at Harris’ CV: she was the first one before. The first woman to make district attorney in San Francisco, and later minister of Justice of California. In 2016, she became the first black(-ish) senator for that state.

In the role of senator, many Americans have come to know her over the years. She stood out during public hearings of Senate committees due to her sharp questions and her fight against racism.

As a child, she grew up in that struggle. Her father was born in Jamaica, her mother emigrated from India to the United States, and both fought in the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

At home, Harris and her sister Maya listened to jazz and Aretha Franklin. After her parents’ divorce, Kamala was then five years old, her mother, cancer specialist and civil rights activist, raised her daughters alone.

She made sure they were aware of their origins. “My mother knew very well that her new homeland would see Maya and me as black girls. She was determined to make sure that we grew up as confident black women, ” she wrote in her autobiography The Truths We Hold.

Last year Kamala Harris made a run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, but in december she withdrew. Biden became more popular with many Democratic voters.

Harris remained on the Biden list as one of the favorites for running mate, so that choice is not unexpected. Not even for the Republicans, who already had a campaign spot lined up. In this, Biden is portrayed as Slow Joe and Harris as extreme left. Which is probably true.

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