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Boeing is making two more software updates for 737 MAX

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has to perform two more software updates for its 737 MAX aircraft. That type of aircraft has been on the ground since March 2019 after two fatal crashes had happened in a short time.

An update should prevent possible problems with a chip in the aircraft operating system. Those defects, which according to Boeing are still purely hypothetical, can make the aircraft more difficult to control. With the other update, Boeing wants to prevent the autopilot from being switched off accidentally.

The company does not know when the adjustments are ready. Despite the new updates, the manufacturer is sticking to the expectation that the 737 MAX will get permission to fly again from aviation authorities in mid-2020.

None of the potential issues for which the updates are intended occurred during flights with the 737 MAX, Boeing said. The new updates are also not related to the software that played a major role in the two air crashes with the 737 MAX. In those crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, which left 346 dead, a faltering safety system kept pushing the nose of the aircraft down.

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