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Biden administration revokes Trump-era Alaska drilling permits

The American government has revoked several permits for drilling for oil and gas in the state of Alaska. These are permits that the previous president, Donald Trump, had issued on the last day of his term.

A developer in Alaska, the northernmost state of the United States, wanted to drill for gas and oil in various locations within a large nature reserve. The current American President, Joe Biden, is now putting a stop to this.

He points out the dangers to the vulnerable environment in the area. Additionally, mistakes were made, leading to permits being wrongly issued at the time.

Environmental groups are pleased, but there is also criticism. A Republican senator disagrees with the decision because it results in job losses and a loss of revenue for the local government.

Biden is also criticized for doing this primarily as part of his reelection campaign. Americans will choose a new president in November next year.

Simultaneously with the revocation of the permits, Biden decided to ban oil drilling in another nature reserve in Alaska. This concerns a portion of the nature reserve with the striking name “National Petroleum Reserve.”

In another part of that nature reserve, the president does allow oil drilling. Earlier this year, he granted a permit for this, despite strong criticism from climate groups.

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