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Ariana Grande pushed Selena Gomez out of Instagram throne

Selena Gomez is no longer the queen of Instagram. With 146 million followers she was for a long time the woman with the most followers on the social network. Singer Ariana Grande has now passed her with more than 146 million followers.

In terms of followers, Grande is the number two in the world. Only Juventus footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is even more popular with 155 million followers. With her number, Grande is the most followed woman on the social platform, a title that does not go wrong in 2019.

That 25-year-old singer Gomez passes is not very new. Grande is still growing in popularity. Over the past four months she has been able to count on more than 10 million new followers. Moreover, she is a lot more active on Instagram compared to Gomez. More activity means more likes, more reactions and therefore a greater chance of being noticed. Instagram is not the only platform where the singer has a large following. On Twitter, Ariana has tens of millions of followers.

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