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Apple claims half of the revenue from paid news subscription

Apple speaks with publishers about a new subscription service for articles. In addition, the company would like to keep half of the income itself, writes The Wall Street Journal on the basis of insiders.

Apple’s financial demands would bump into many big publishers. Apple would ask users $ 10 per month for its ‘Netflix for news’. For a fee, subscribers can read as many articles from newspapers and magazines as they wish via the service.

Apple would like to keep half of the monthly payments. The other half is divided among participating publishers. Publishers receive a larger share of this if users spend more time reading their articles.

In addition to gesteggel about financial distributions, there are more issues that ensure that the service is not yet released. For example, The New York Times and The Washington Post are not yet willing to cooperate. They would have doubts about Apple’s different requirements, although it is not known which ones are.

Publishers are also afraid that they will get less insight into data from subscribers. Via a normal subscription they could gather much more information, such as e-mail addresses and credit card details. Apple will probably not publish that information.

The new subscription would be part of Apple News, in which users can usually read free documents.

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