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Apple banned Quran app

Apple has removed a commonly used app with texts from the Quran from the Chinese App Store. The Chinese government has asked for this, tells Apple.

Apple had to remove the app because it would contain illegal religious texts. The company does not say what texts are meant by this. The Chinese government has not responded to questions.

The app Quran Majeed is available worldwide and is used by many Muslims. According to the company behind the app, there are over 35 million users. The company referred to its human rights policy. It states that Apple must take into account laws in other countries, even if the company does not agree.

China recognizes Islam as a legitimate religion, but more often acts harshly against Muslims. The Uyghurs, an Islamic minority in China, are heavily oppressed. In the country there are several concentration camps where Uyghurs are being held. The House of Representatives has stated that there is genocide.

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