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Android Q has no back button at the bottom of the screen

The next big version of Android gets more extensive control with gestures, so the familiar back button disappears at the bottom of the screen, reports XDA, which has an early version of Android Q in hands.

The operation of Android with the appearance of Android Pie in 2018 already partly on the kick gone.

Virtually all new Android phones no longer have a physical home button, and are therefore largely operated with sweeping movements over a virtual home button.

If Android users are currently opening an app, a back button appears next to the virtual home button. In Android Q that button will expire and users will now have to swipe the home button to the left to go back.

Smoother iOS-like animations

Animations when switching apps are eased according to XDA in Android Q. According to the site, the animations are more like those of iOS.

Google renewed its virtual home button several months after the end of 2017 iPhone X. The first iPhone without home button has a horizontal virtual home button at the bottom of the screen, where users agree to go to the home screen or switch between apps.

For years, Android devices without home buttons have been available, but until 2018 they were operated with virtual buttons that could only be pressed.

Google will probably present the latest version of Android during its developer conference I / O, which starts on 7 May. The last three Android versions appeared in August for the public.

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