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All Boeing 777-200 grounded for FAA inspection

The US aviation regulator FAA has undertaken an immediate inspection of all Boeing 777-200 aircraft with a Pratt &Whitney PW4000 engine. Such aircraft are grounded pending the investigation after a failed engine on a United Airlines flight on Saturday.

In particular, the inspectors will have to inspect the titanium turbine blades at the front of the engines, according to the FAA. The National Transport Safety Board said on Monday that a turbine blade may have burst as a result of metal fatigue and then caught fire.

When the engine of the 26-year-old United Airlines Boeing flight 328 caught fire over the U.S. State of Colorado on Saturday, several parts came down. They ended up in a suburb of Denver. The engines in question were used in 128 aircraft, less than 10 percent of all Boeing 777 aircraft worldwide.

Boeing has indicated that it supports the inspection and will work with customers in the inspection process.

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