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After this virus we will have a better society, or will we?

When the virus has spread and the world calms down, humanity will be different. Better. That says Erik Matser, clinical neuropsychologist from Helmond.

“It is a very big blow that we all have to deal with now. As a result, the individualism, the turning away from the group, of many young people in particular will change. They become thinkers. “

“Less people are going to burn down,” says the scientist. Over a year ago, Matser called the increasing number of burnouts the greatest risk in today’s society. He previously gained great fame, among other things, by being at the basis of changed regulations in international sports federations to prevent brain injuries and is a personal coach of many international celebrities.

“We are going back to our roots. In these times we learn that we have to do something for someone else and that gives a positive feeling and energy. That is a natural process that is in the brain. We will soon pay more attention to each other. “But we have to win ‘the fight’ first.

Matser: “It is crucial that the people are explained why we are going to win. Not how we’re going to win. The ‘why’ is processed through the sensory system (the limbic system) of the brain. And people make choices based on feeling. Rutte has explained very well why we are going to make it and what we have to do for it. Why we can’t go outside. If he had only announced ‘sec’ measures, we would have run into the street hundreds of thousands at a time. That didn’t happen because what he said was right. ”

We are only at the beginning of a very difficult game, says Matser. He refers to the time when he worked at the major English football club Chelsea. “I saw John Terry, then captain, up close just before big games. He explained the strategy to his fellow players and thereby radiated control. He explained how they were going to play tactics, especially why they used this tactic. Why they were going to win. That gives a certain sense of security, which helped to win the game on psychological grounds. ”

Behavioral changes are very difficult for people, Matser said. “That is specific to the species. And now we are suddenly confronted with extreme changes. Everything that was always normal is no longer possible. This uncertainty causes fear and is an innate stress process in humans. I understand that many people have a very hard time because of this. It is important to stick to our leaders’ chosen strategy and why we do it. That gives peace and security. ”

What politics does very well, according to Matser, is to name everything, which has given rise to a strong belief in the approach.

In the current situation, we are doing great in the Netherlands. Rutte says to understand that this is very annoying, virologists inform us in an impressive way. We believe our leaders and scientists. I work a lot abroad, but I think it is fantastic that I am now in the Netherlands. Because I get the feeling that we are going to make it here, in our own way.

Above all, take people into successes, no matter how small. Matser: “I just heard Jaap van Dissel say that it seems to be going in the right direction with the fight against the virus. His words immediately go into the collective feeling of the people. The feeling of: ‘We are having a hard time, but we are going in the right direction, we are going to succeed. It’s going to take a while, but we believe in it. The changes, however serious, lead to something ‘. So let people with vision explain the whole crisis why it works, so we win. “

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