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Yesh Atid forged the coalition to end twelve years of Netanyahu rule

On Friday, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid reached an agreement with all parties that will be part of a government without Benjamin Netanyahu. This is the end of Netanyahu’s Premiership after twelve years.

Lapid’s party Yesh Atid (Future Party) has signed agreements with all seven parties with which it wants to form a coalition, according to Israeli media. This will pave the way for next Sunday’s vote in parliament, which has yet to approve the political monstrous covenant.

The parties had until Friday afternoon to send their coalition agreements to Parliament. According to Lapid’s party, that deadline has been met. After the vote on Sunday, right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett will become prime minister. It stays on until August 2023. Then Lapid can take over for two years.

The parties from the bloc are mainly united by their desire to see Netanyahu, persecuted for corruption, leave. There are right-wing, left-wing and centrist parties involved. A party that stands up for Arab Israelis has also signed up for the coalition.

“Signing these agreements puts an end to 2.5 years of political crisis,” Bennett said, according to the Jerusalem Post newspaper. “The government will work for all Israelis: religious, secular, ultraorthodox and Arabic.”

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