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‘Yellow vests’ Act VI: Versailles Palace to close on Saturday amid protest fears

This Saturday could see yet more action from the ‘yellow vests’ in France, with certain elements of the protest group mooting further demonstrations in Paris and threatening to block goods at the country’s borders. The Palace of Versailles has announced it will close out of precaution.

The “yellow vest” protest movement seems to be calming down but that doesn’t mean they’re giving up just yet.

In fact, there are some plans for protests this Saturday, including in Paris, although the expectations are that the so-called “act 6” will be nothing like on the scale seen in recent weeks.

On Thursday the Palace of Versailles announced it would close on Saturday out of precaution with a possible plan by protesters to invade the famous cultural site to the south west of Paris.

The move follows calls on certain Gielts Jaunes (yellow vests) Facebook pages for protesters to meet at the palace on Saturday. Around 8,000 suggestedthey were interested in going one of the more prominent pages.

The closure “is down to a preventative measure on the recommendation of the local authority” the palace told AFP. More details about howthe police are expected to deal with any protest at Versailles will be made public on Friday.

At the moment “yellow vest” social media groups suggest protests could take place in three locations in the French capital: Place de l’Etoile, Opera and la Defense.

However others are saying that the city’s roads will be too cramped and they would rather protest elsewhere in the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France.

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