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Vice President Harris begs migrants: don’t come to the US

US Vice President Kamala Harris has called on potential migrants not to travel to the United States. She did this in Guatemala during her first international working visit. Harris hopes that they will not emigrate if living conditions in their country improve.

Harris warns that migrants are being sent back to the US border. ,’ Don’t come”, she said during a press conference with Guatemalan president Alejandro Giammattei. Among other things, they spoke about the fight against illegal migration from Central America to the US and the fight against corruption.

The two agree that ‘people don’t want to leave their homes’, Harris says. The US wants Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to take more action against corruption to improve living conditions for the population and therefore to reduce the number of people moving to another country. According to Harris, people should ‘feel that help is on the way’.

Attempts to make home life more attractive are being undermined, among other things, by corruption scandals. Harris said there will be an American task force that will help local prosecutors punish corrupt people in Central America.

Harris received the migrant file, which revolves around the arrival of illegal migrants from Central America, in late March. Since the departure of President Donald Trump, more migrants have come to the US. Trump’s strict migration policy is being reformed by current President Joe Biden.

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