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USPS ‘found’ some ballots just in time

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) claims that it has ‘recovered’ some 1,700 left-hand mail bills in sorting centers in the crucial swing state Pennsylvania. The ballots were found in two checks and have already been delivered to the election offices where the votes are counted.

In legal documents filed by USPS, it says that about 1070 bills were found in a sorting center in the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia. Another 300 bills were found in the city of Pittsburgh and another 266 in Leigh Valley.

Ballots in the state of Pennsylvania must be at the election offices by Friday night at the latest in order to be counted. The American presidential elections are, for the time being, an unprecedented neck-and-neck race, in which the state of Pennsylvania may be the deciding factor.

If the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the state, he’ll have enough electoral votes to defeat Donald Trump. The president is in the lead in Pennsylvania for the time being, but saw his lead in that state disappear in the last few hours.

In Pennsylvania, Trump still has a 22,576 vote lead. He currently holds 49.5 percent of the vote in Keystone State and 49.2 percent of his Democratic challenger.

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