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US wants to restore nuclear deal with Iran – with new strings attached

During the negotiations in Vienna, the United States submitted “very serious” proposals to Iran to reinvigorate the 2015 nuclear agreement. A Washington Representative announced this Friday night. The US negotiators ” have shown a real intention to resume compliance (with the Iranian nuclear deal) if Iran complies again with the rules,” it sounded.

But the US is counting on “reciprocal” efforts from Iran, as was heard afterwards. “We have seen some signs of this, but certainly not enough. The question is whether Iran has the will to take the same pragmatic approach as the United States to re-implement the obligations provided for in the agreement.”German Foreign minister Heiko Maas, on the other hand, believes that “all parties have shown their willingness to work with the necessary seriousness towards the same goal: the full implementation of the nuclear agreement”. He stated this in a response to the German media. He called the talks “constructive”, but warned against excessive optimism, because they were complex negotiations in which everyone had to be willing to compromise. “This will not be easy. We are only at the beginning of intensive negotiations.”

In Vienna this week, diplomatic representatives from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, China and Iran held consultations on a possible re-alignment of the United States with the 2015 agreement. The talks will be interrupted this weekend, but will normally continue next week.

The nuclear agreement was intended to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. In return, severe economic sanctions against Tehran were lifted. The deal was approved in 2015 under the impetus of then President Obama. Current President Joe Biden was vice president at the time. The agreement was shaken when former President Donald Trump withdrew his country from the agreement in 2018 and again sought sanctions. This in turn led Iran to comply with its obligations less and less. Current US president Joe Biden wants the US to rejoin the agreement. But Iran demands that the US first work on lifting sanctions

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