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US wants to act on his own on Iran sanctions

The US is demanding that countries return to the UN sanctions that applied to Iran. “This is a state on the way to international peace and security,” says minister Pompeo of Foreign Affairs. The Russian ambassador to the UN speaks of a “obstinate delirium ” because the US is acting solistically.

Deployment is an arms embargo that expires in mid-October, under the projections of the 2015 Iran deal. The US wants to explain this, but other countries in the UN Security Council want to see the agreements made. The Trump government then referred to the’snapback’ arrangement in the agreement, which reintroduced UN sanctions if Iran does not adhere to the separation, such as the declaration of uranium.

Other over-the-counter questions, such as Russia, but also Germany, France and Great Britain, state that the US no longer hopes for that arrangement, because president Trump left the agreement in 2018. The UN Secretary-General, Guterres, keeps himself on the plain and only wants to book those who are happy.

Pompeo stressed that if the UN does not extend the embargo, the US itself will take legal measures to trade with Iran. What exactly will be and what penalties will be imposed on it will be carried out by the White House.

Iran speaks of a false and illegal deadline. “Against the International current only more isolation for the US,” said the country’s UN Ambassador.

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