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US to further restrict Huawei use

The US government is considering no longer sharing certain intelligence with allies using equipment made by the Chinese Huawei for their 5G network. A senior American government official has told Reuters news agency. According to him, Washington sees no distinction between core and non-core components of 5G networks.

NATO countries could also be affected by this. Dutch KPN decided last week to exclude Huawei accused by the Americans of espionage from its 5G core network. But for the modernization of other components, such as the masts that are being prepared for 5G, the Dutch company wants to work with the Chinese.

“If other countries allow untrusted suppliers to expand their 5G networks, we will have to reassess whether we can share information and whether we can stay in touch with them in the same way that we are today,” he said.

Robert Strayer. He is a director of cyber affairs, international communication and information policy at the US Department of Foreign Affairs.

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