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US still wants to strengthen military position in Syria

The US still wants to deploy additional military resources in Syria. That is what an anonymous Pentagon official says to the American media. More than two weeks ago, President Trump decided to partially withdraw US troops from Syria.

Earlier this week, Secretary of Defense Esper said that not all American troops have left North Syria and that some have been left behind to guard the oil fields. According to the anonymous source, there are plans to strengthen the troops.

The Pentagon did not say what means the Pentagon wants to do, but according to The Wall Street Journal, it concerns dozens of tanks.

Turkey invaded northern Syria two weeks ago, shortly after US troops left. The Turks want to expel Syrian-Kurdish militias from the border area and set up a buffer zone.

A cease-fire started last week to give Kurdish YPG militias the chance to withdraw. Since this week, the battle break is permanent. In response to that promise from Turkey, the US has withdrawn announced sanctions against the country.

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