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US regulators are arguing about 5G safety

US aviation and telecom organizations will work together to reduce the potential dangers of new 5G networks for US air traffic. They will share data among themselves and use technical experts to prevent problems.

This was announced jointly by representatives of the telecom sector and the American aviation industry associations. Over the past few weeks, both parties have been arguing with each other about the consequences of the rollout of new 5G networks in the US. They use different frequencies than in many other countries.

Airlines say that the new wireless signals threaten to disrupt the equipment in aircraft and helicopters that track the height of the aircraft. This would prevent low visibility landings and could cause a stream of delays, diversions and cancellations. The problems around 5G could lead to a cost of $ 2.1 billion in flight disruptions.

However, the telecom companies, who have paid a total of about 81 billion dollars for the 5G frequencies, say that the 5G signals are sufficiently separated from the frequencies used by altimeters and will operate at safe levels.

“The fear-mongering of the aviation industry is based on completely discredited information and deliberate distortions of the facts,” said CEO Nick Ludlum of the telecom industry organization CTIA earlier this week. 5G according to Ludlum works safely and without causing harmful interference to aviation operations in nearly forty countries around the world. “US airlines fly in and out of these countries on a daily basis.”

By exchanging data, the parties aim to gain a better understanding of possible risks to the aviation industry. In the Joint Declaration, the parties state that they are working on a data-driven solution to allow, on the one hand, the deployment of 5G without compromising aviation safety.

In the statement, the industry associations of the telecom and aviation sector say that they will ‘work with the US regulators to get out of the impasse’. ‘The best technical experts from both sectors’ are used for this purpose. “We can achieve our shared goal of deploying 5G while maintaining aviation safety.”

In the US, different frequencies are used for new 5G networks than for example in our country. Here the frequencies are further away from those assigned to aircraft equipment.

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