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US puts Germany under pressure over Huawei

Countries that hire Chinese Huawei for the construction of mobile networks, such as 5G, may lose access to sensitive US information. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo warned of this possible consequence during a visit to his German colleague Heiko Maas.

Just like the Netherlands, Germany is not yet sure to what extent Huawei can play a role in the construction of a new, fast telecom network. The US does not trust the company because it could serve as the Chinese government’s espionage vehicle. Although, according to China, there is no reason to be suspicious, the Americans have imposed many restrictions on the company.

With regard to Pompeo, European allies should follow the American example.

“We cannot allow data on citizens or national security issues to pass through networks that we do not trust,” he said in Berlin.

Maas assured that Germany has strict safety requirements for the construction of 5G. Parties that do not comply with this are not eligible for assignments.

The discussion about 5G is also important for the Netherlands. Prime Minister Mark Rutte recently said that the Netherlands should be “not naive” with signals about espionage, but at the same time he emphasized the importance of Huawei.

“The company provides jobs, income and is an important partner for the telecom industry in the Netherlands.”

Pompeo will be visiting The Hague next week, where he will attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The Netherlands and the US are the organizers of the conference, where top people from the business community talk to directors and investors. Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the American president, is also present.

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