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US Government: Elections 2018 not affected by foreign interference

The results of the US Congress elections in November were not significantly influenced digitally by foreign interference, according to the American Ministries of Justice and Homeland Security (Homeland Security).

“The ministries have come to the conclusion that there is no evidence to date that the activity of a foreign government or agent has had a substantial impact on the integrity or security of the elections”, the Ministries write in a statement on Tuesday.

According to both departments, both political campaigns and electronic voting computers are not significantly affected. More details about the study were not disclosed.

The statement follows after a previous conclusion by the US intelligence services. The head of the joint services (DNI) announced in December that Russia has tried to influence the congressional elections.

US President Donald Trump signed a decree in September, which means that the DNI and the Ministries of Justice and Homeland Security must assess the integrity of an election within a few weeks.

The confidential report was sent Monday Monday by Matthew Whitaker (Acting head of Justice) and Kirstjen Nielsen (head of Homeland Security) to Trump, the two ministries announced Tuesday.

After the congressional elections in November, the Democrats managed to secure a majority in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, the Republicans retained their majority.

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