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US frees 9/11 terror suspect in an attempt to sweeten Saudi Arabia oil

US Department of Defense said Monday, reports the US NBC News. It is a man who allegedly tried to participate in the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

46-year-old Mohammad Mani Ahmad Al Qahtani, who has been held at the US base in Cuba since 2002, will be treated in a mental institution in Saudi Arabia. According to his lawyers, he had symptoms of schizophrenia as a child.

In 2002, an FBI employee saw the man talking to non-existent people, the lawyers say. Al Qahtani heard voices and crouched in a corner of his cell for hours while covering himself with a sheet.

A U.S. review committee determined in 2021 that his imprisonment was “no longer necessary” for the protection of U.S. national security.

“After two decades in U.S. custody without trial, Mohammed will now receive in Saudi Arabia the psychiatric care he has needed for so long, with the support of his family,” said Ramzi Kassem, professor of law at the City University of New York.

With the help of students, he assisted Al Qahtani for more than ten years. “Keeping him in Guantanamo, where he was tortured and then made multiple suicide attempts, would probably have been a death sentence.”
Man was subjected to torture in Guantanamo

Prior to the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, immigration officials in the US State of Florida al Qahtani refused entry to the US. The main hijacker of September 11, Mohammed Atta, was supposed to pick him up to participate in the attacks, according to previously released documents.

The suspect was later captured in Afghanistan and sent to Guantanamo. There he was subjected to what a Pentagon official previously called torture.

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