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US asked Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions and join the discussion

The United States has asked Iran to resume international talks on the Iranian nuclear program quickly. The US State Department responded to statements by the new Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, who had announced that he wanted to end sanctions against his country through diplomatic consultations.

A US Department spokesman said that the removal of sanctions is exactly what is being discussed in Vienna. There, in the months before conservative hardliner Raisi took office, Iran discussed the possibilities of reviving a 2015 nuclear deal.

That nuclear agreement provided for the relief of sanctions against Iran, which in return would restrict its nuclear program. Things went wrong after several years when Donald Trump took office as president of the US and threw the agreement in the trash. He felt that the agreements with Iran did not go far enough and wanted to force new negotiations by imposing heavy sanctions again.

Iran and large countries have held several rounds of talks in the capital of Austria in recent months. They last met on 20 June and no date has been set for future consultations. “We urge Iran to return to negotiations soon,” the spokesman said. “That is a major priority for us.”

When Raisi took office, he stressed that his country did not want to develop nuclear weapons. “Our nuclear program is peaceful. Making nuclear bombs is forbidden in our country for religious reasons” ” the president said. “It is not part of our political and military doctrine.”

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