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US and Israel protest against Polish law that bars Holocaust victims from restitution

The US Secretary of State Blinken objects to an amendment to Polish law that would allow property claims to be barred after thirty years. The measure also affects heirs of Polish Jews who lost their property during the occupation of the country by Nazi Germany.

The Polish parliament approved the amendment yesterday, but Blinken asks Polish president Duda to stop it. Blinken says that Poland needs a separate law to handle Holocaust-related property claims. He asked president Duda not to sign the amendment approved by Parliament.

Prime Minister Morawiecki said in response to Blinken that the government is doing what the Polish Constitutional Court ruled in 2015, namely that there should be a deadline for challenging incorrect administrative decisions. “This has nothing to do with the concerns our American friends have about us.”

Israel also opposes the amendment of the law. “It damages the memory of the Holocaust and the rights of its victims,” said foreign minister Lapid.

The Polish government believes that the change will restore citizens ‘ confidence in the rule of law.

“The possibility of challenging the decisions of government officials cannot last indefinitely,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in June.

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