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Unusually hawkish speech of Xi Jinping fuels worries

The Western world with the United States at the forefront has blocked, restricted and oppressed China in recent years. That’s what Chinese president Xi Jinping said last night at the Annual Meeting of the people’s Congress. Normally, Xi is more cautious in his statements..

Xi said that the West’s actions have created “unprecedented challenges for China’s development” at a time when the country was already struggling with repeated outbreaks of the coronavirus and economically difficult weather.

The statements about the West and the United States are remarkable. Normally, Xi is more cautious in his statements and mainly uses general terms. In most of his speeches, he refers only to “certain countries” that oppose China, without specifically describing the US or even the West. At the same time, the Chinese president’s statements are also in line with the tensions between China and the United States.

There is no acute threat in the speech. Experts are quite positive. There are a lot of threats, but for now it remains that way. An invasion of Taiwan or a direct intervention of China in the war against Ukraine still seem unlikely.

Another striking finding from Congress is that the Chinese government is going to spend 7.2 percent more on the military. This increase is greater than in any other sector, including, for example, healthcare. Under Xi, defense is important, but whether this is an indication of further tensions is not yet clear.

The people’s Congress started last Sunday and lasts about two weeks. The people’s Congress is held once a year. The 3,000 members of Parliament will meet in Beijing.

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