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U.S. Justice Department: Team Trump hid secret documents

The US Department of Justice says it has evidence that documents that former president Trump took from the White House were later hidden in his Florida residence. According to the ministry, this was done to counter an investigation by the FBI. A Trump lawyer is said to have “explicitly prohibited” FBI agents from looking into boxes in a storage room in his residence in June.

That’s according to a new document filed at a hearing on Trump’s request to appoint a so-called special master. That is an independent party that is sometimes appointed by a judge in sensitive cases to supervise when documents are examined. The hearing on that case will take place tomorrow.

The first image

The 36-page submitted piece also includes a striking photograph, which is prominently featured in all major news media in the US. It shows secret and possibly top-secret documents scattered on the floor of Trump’s office in his Mar-a-Lago residence.

It is the first time that a picture can be seen of the now loaded pieces, which were the reason for the raid at Trump. He himself characterizes that operation as part of a “witch hunt” for him.

At least three documents classified as top secret have been printed on White House stationery.

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