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Trump to ‘destroy Turkey economically’ if it attacks Kurds

US President Trump threatens to “destroy Turkey economically” if the country attacks Kurdish militias in northern Syria once American troops have withdrawn from Syria.

These militias are allies of the United States in the fight against Islamic State, but Turkey regards them as the extension of the terrorist organization PKK. Trump recently decided to withdraw the Americans from the area, and it is feared that the Kurdish militias will subsequently become the target of a Turkish offensive.

“We will destroy Turkey economically if they hit the Kurds,” Trump twittered Sunday. At the same time he argues for a buffer zone of 32 kilometers, and adds that the Kurds should not provoke Turkey in the meantime.

The spokesman for the Turkish president Erdogan said Monday to expect the United States to behave as a good strategic partner.

“Terrorists can not be partners or ally. Turkey does not expect its partnership with the US to be overshadowed by terrorist propaganda.’

The US currently has around two thousand troops in Syria to fight IS and train local security services. In mid-December, Trump unexpectedly announced that he wanted to quickly withdraw these troops. That happened against the advice of the army command. The US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis even resigned from dissatisfaction.

American security adviser John Bolton was in Ankara last week to talk about security guarantees for the Kurds, but Erdogan did not even receive him. The first American soldiers have now left Syria.

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