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Trump threatens CBS about Lesley Stahl interview

President Donald Trump threatened on Tuesday evening to release an interview with CBS after he had left the interview. In doing so, Trump wanted to denounce, as he said, that CBS-interviewer Lesley Stahl is biased.

Trumps’ threat on Twitter makes it clear that he did not like the questions in the interview for the CBS program 60 Minutes. The news station reported on Twitter that the president had cut off the conversation, but gave no further details on the exact reason.

Trump and the press have a difficult relationship: Trump says that the media are biased if he does not like the news. However, a threat to release the content of the interview before it is broadcast on Sunday is considered highly unusual.

“I would like to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy of reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes for the broadcast!”according to Trump, in a capitalized message on Twitter. “I do so that everyone can see what a fake and biased interview it is.”

In another tweet, the president called the interview a ‘terrible disruption of the elections’. Earlier Tuesday Trump already posted a 6-second Stahl video on Twitter, showing her without a mask. Trump said the footage was taken after the White House shooting. In the accompanying text, the president reiterated that Stahl was not wearing a mouthpiece.

Earlier this week the president also had a dispute with the programme 60 Minutes. At that time, his top advisor in the field of coronavirus, Anthony Fauci, was a guest. After Fauci was critical of Trump’s attitude to the coronavirus, the president called the infectious disease specialist “a disaster”.

Trump has often dismissed the wearing of mouth caps as unnecessary and made false claims on several occasions about their effectiveness in reducing the number of Coronas.

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