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Trump: there is no hurry to close China trade deal

President Donald Trump says he is in no hurry to strike a trade deal with China. Negotiations with China are currently taking place in a friendly manner and, according to him, there is no reason to rush.

As usual, Trump sent his message to the world via Twitter. He stressed that the process has begun to set trade rates of 25 percent on the remaining $ 325 billion worth of goods imported from China. The money that this yields promises Trump will, among other things, invest in agricultural products from American farmers for food aid in other countries.

Trump later added that imposing trade rates is good for the US.

“Import tariffs provide much more wealth for our country than any deal,” Trump said. “The imposition of rates is also easier and faster.”

He further said that China was making last-minute changes to points where agreement had already been reached. Trump doesn’t like that.

“China needs to know that they are not dealing with the Obama administration or with Sleepy Joe,” Trump said in a sneer at Joe Biden, the right hand of Trumps predecessor Barack Obama.

Biden recently announced his candidacy for the 2020 presidency.

China and the US are currently negotiating trade issues in Washington. According to sources from the negotiations, the talks have yielded little to date. China said earlier that the country is forced to take countermeasures. What those are is not yet known.

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