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Trump praises the comeback of the USA while his opponents looking dull

The American president Donald Trump gave the annual State of the Union, the equivalent of the throne speech, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday (Dutch time). Trump seized the opportunity to highlight economic successes in the United States and spoke of an “American comeback”.

The Trump speech in brief:

  • America is in better shape than ever before
  • Unemployment in all American population groups lower than ever
  • Looking back at killing ‘monster’ Soleimani, wants dialogue with Iran

The State of the Union is seen as the most important political speech of the year. Trump tells the American people how their country is doing and sets out its policy goals for the coming year.

Even before the speech began, there was a striking event between the president and the Democratic president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. The latter seemed to extend her hand to shake Trump’s, but he seemed to refuse the offer. After Trump’s speech, Pelosi tore his speech in half.

Trump began his speech by enumerating all the economic successes that his country has experienced in recent years under his rule. “Through my government, we have become the largest gas and oil producer,” said Trump. The American news site CNN, which, like many other media, was fact-checking live, writes that the US was already under former President Barack Obama.

There was a tense atmosphere in the American House of Commons. Many Democrats made occasional jeer sounds and a demonstrator was kicked out of the building during the speech. Trump continued to mention success without fail and pointed out that the US has received more than 12,000 companies through its government, a statistic that is correct according to American media.

In addition, unemployment among all ethnic minorities would be at a “historically low point” and the future will look much brighter for them, Trump said.

The president also spoke extensively about the medical care in his country and the second amendment, the right to own and carry a firearm. “Under my leadership, socialism will never destroy our health system,” Trump said. He also emphasized that he remains a strong advocate of the right to defend yourself with a firearm.

Trump also mentioned that he eliminated Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, “the monster that killed and wounded thousands of Americans,” the president said. “The sanctions we have imposed on Iran put their economy to a halt. If they are ready, we want to help them get the economy back to normal soon.”

The murder of former IS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi also caused him great applause from both Republicans and Democrats.

Proponents and opponents of Trump write that the president was speaking convincingly, regardless of the content of the speech. “If he continues to perform like this, he will win the election in nine months,” said CNN political reporter Doug Heye.

The conviction of Trump may also be related to the progress in the impeachment process in which the president is involved. Although some Republican senators, like all their Democratic counterparts, feel that he has made a mistake with regard to Ukraine and withholding military support for his own gain, it seems impossible that Trump will be deposed by the US Senate.

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