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Trump ordered the COVID data to be processed at the Department of Health

According to the orders of President Trump, the data that American hospitals collect about corona patients now goes to a database of the government and no longer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Hospitals must now enter their figures in a database of the Health Department. The CDC also falls under that ministry, but as a scientific institute it takes a more independent course.

According to a spokesman for the Department of Health, the current system of the CDC is not fast enough.

“The CDC still has a week-long delay in reporting hospital data, and America needs real-time data.” According to the ministry, the CDC will remain involved in the data collection, but “it no longer has control over it.”

Health experts are afraid that the figures will be politicized by the new working method and will no longer be accessible to the public and researchers.

“Centralizing all data under the umbrella of a political institution is dangerous and fuels mistrust,” said Nicole Lurie, a former pandemic officer under Barack Obama in The New York Times. “It undermines the CDC’s ability to perform its basic tasks. to be carried out.”

It is well known that President Trump believes that there should be less testing so that the number of new infections seems to be less high and all kinds of restrictive measures can be lifted. He has said and tweeted that several times. In recent weeks, he has openly criticized America’s foremost corona expert Anthony Fauci, who he says has made many mistakes in tackling the corona virus.

Other White House officials are also said to be “concerned about the number of times Fauci was wrong,” US media have heard from sources seeking to remain anonymous. They were also given a list with statements by Fauci that were incorrect afterwards.

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