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Trump lashes at Prime Minister May and British ambassador after leaking memos

President Donald Trump has lashed out on Twitter to British Prime Minister Theresa May because of the Brexit. He also no longer wants contact with the British ambassador to the United States.

“I have always been very critical of how Prime Minister May dealt with the Brexit,” tweets Trump. “What a mess she made of it. I told her how to handle it, but she decided to go her own way. It’s good that the UK will have a new prime minister soon.”

In a second tweet, the American president also lashes out at Nigel Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to the US. “I don’t know the British ambassador, but he’s not loved in the US. We won’t have anything to do with him anymore.”

Trump responds with his tweets to the Daily Mail message about leaked memos from Darroch last Sunday. In those memos, the ambassador is said to have told foreign minister Jeremy Hunt, among others, that Trump is “incompetent and uncertain”. The ambassador also called conflicts in the White House “knife fights”. The memos have been sent from 2017.

Hunt, also a candidate to become the new British Prime Minister, is disappointed that the messages have been leaked. “Although I disagree with the ambassador, our employees must be able to say in confidence what they want.” Hunt has launched an investigation to find out who has leaked.

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