Home Politics Trump is putting pressure on Beijing

Trump is putting pressure on Beijing

The import tariffs imposed by the United States on Chinese products remain in force as long as the countries have not reached an agreement. That is what the American president Donald Trump said, with his words increasing the pressure on Beijing. The comment follows the moment that the US is reportedly concerned about the extent to which China wants to meet US requirements.

Chinese and American delegations have been discussing an agreement for some time. According to Trump it is important that there is a deal to end the trade feud between the countries.

According to insiders around the talks, China is not going to meet all American requirements. Among other things, the Chinese would like extra certainty that the trade barriers imposed by Trump and his colleagues would be lifted.

Trump also emphasized that the European Union has acted as hard on China as it does in terms of trade. The president added that he still assumes that he can make a deal with China. Probably next week another US delegation will travel to China.

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