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Trump impeachment is unlikely, hype is imminent

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi says the House has launched an official investigation into the removal of President Donald Trump. Before the investigation can be started, 218 congress members must vote on it. Whether this is also the case has not been disclosed by Pelosi.

According to Pelosi, Trump has broken the law several times. He would have prevented the publication of a whistleblower’s statement and he would have asked Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski to investigate possible corruption by Joe Biden and his son. Trump would have asked Zelenski eight times to investigate the possible presidential candidate Biden, Zelenski would have refused that help.

According to the Democrats, Trump would have threatened to withhold money for Ukraine if Zelenski did not restart the investigation. “The president must be held responsible. No one is above the law.”

Telephone call

Trump has admitted that he does not pay over 400 million in aid money for Ukraine, but he does so because he believes that European countries should contribute more. The phone call in which he would have threatened to withhold the money will be made public on Wednesday. That’s what Trump said Tuesday.

Shortly before the announcement of Pelosi, the president said he was not worried about the investigation.

“This only benefits my popularity.” Shortly after the Pelosi press conference, Trump tweeted that it was a witch hunt. “They have never seen the transcript of the conversation.”

The last time such an investigation was initiated was when Bill Clinton was president in 1998 because he would have lied on oath about a sexual harassment indictment.

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