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Trump: I do not acknowledge Biden’s victory

Donald Trump seemed to be cautiously admitting on Sunday that his rival Joe Biden won the US presidential election, but later added on Twitter: “he only won in the eyes of the fake news media. I don’t recognize anything! We have a long way to go. This was a rigged election!”

Just before that, on Twitter, the US president had said for the first time that Joe Biden won the election, even though he also said at the time that this was a result of fraud committed in the American ballot. “He won because the election was rigged.”In capital letters Trump said that election monitoring was not allowed. The software used would have falsified the results.

On Sunday, he also repeated his claim that votes by post are in the way of tampering. He calls post-vote “a sick joke.”

Four days after the November 3 election Biden made a profit in the state of Pennsylvania, crossing the 270 electoral threshold needed to secure the presidency. After the votes had been counted in all the states, the former vice president was found to have won 306 electoral votes, but Trump continued to oppose Biden’s victory because there would have been fraud without any proof. With lawsuits, he’s trying to prove himself right.

Ron Kain, Biden’s proposed White House chief of Staff, said in an interview with NBC on Sunday that Trump’s government should acknowledge next week the team preparing Biden’s presidency so that they can receive information on national security and make plans to address the pandemic. Biden’s team is planning to talk to pharmaceutical company Pfizer and other companies about corona this week, but has to wait for Washington’s permission to really get to work with corona.

Klain also insisted that the US Congress agree to make extra money available in the fight against Covid-19.

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