Home Politics Trump disagreement with Macron erupts at NATO summit

Trump disagreement with Macron erupts at NATO summit

At the opening of the NATO summit in London, US President Trump struck hard at French President Macron. He recently called NATO brain dead and said Europe is on the brink of collapse. Trump called that statement very rude. According to Trump, France needs NATO most from everyone.

Today is the first day of the two-day NATO summit in London. It is a loaded meeting. The military partnership between (now) 29 countries has been around for 70 years, but is also under pressure due to disagreement and disagreements.

Again, defense spending is an important theme. The agreed standard is that every country spends two percent of its gross national product on defense, but by far the majority of countries still do not meet that standard.

According to Secretary General Stoltenberg, there is progress in this. This year nine countries meet the two percent standard, compared to three a few years ago. Most countries plan to meet the standard by 2024.

Another point of discussion is the Turkish attack on neighboring Syria, about which NATO partners had not been informed. The Turkish purchase of a Russian anti-missile system also fell badly with many allies.

Shortly before the start of the summit, Turkish President Erdogan said that he requires full support from the allies in the fight against terrorists. With that, Erdogan is referring to Kurdish battle groups. If Turkey does not receive support from other NATO member states, the country will turn against the Baltic defense plans.

The summit also discusses Russia, the future of arms control, improving the preparedness of the armed forces, new technologies and the rise of China. Tonight a dinner with Queen Elizabeth is scheduled in Buckingham Palace.

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