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Trump demands Pennsylvania state election to be declared void

On Wednesday, the American President Donald Trump’s campaign team demanded before the judge that Trump be declared the winner in the state of Pennsylvania. Team Trump believes that the state parliament, where Republicans have the majority, should select the electors who elect the final president.

In the submitted documents, the Trump campaign asks the federal judge to declare the election results in Pennsylvania void and to order the state parliament to select the electoral votes. The request is part of a series of adjustments made by the Trump campaign to the Pennsylvania lawsuit.

Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden won the election with an expected count of 306 voters, against 232 for Trump. If you have 270 or more electors, you’re the winner. If Trump manages to bend the outcome in Pennsylvania (20 electors) to his advantage, he will have to do the same in two more states to get that amount of electors. The question is whether Trump can do that in Pennsylvania at all. Joe Biden won by about 82,000 votes but many of the ballots are disputed.

Trump’s legal team, led by his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, also wants to add claims to the lawsuit that it had just dropped on Sunday. For example, team Trump now claims once again that Republican observers were denied access to the counting of the letter votes, which was previously contradicted by both officials and lawyers of Trump himself.

The judge already announced in court on Tuesday that he was skeptical about the case. Experts also see little legal justification for this. Trump’s trial rattles on all sides and offers ‘no prospect of changing the outcome’, says lawyer and Professor Justin Levitt (Loyola Law School).

However, Trumps ‘ constant hammering over his unfounded accusations against the Democrats seems to have had an effect on the Republican voters. According to an opinion poll by Reuters and market researcher Ipsos, half of them would now believe that Trump has been robbed out of his election victory.

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