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Trade Commission gets tech company task force

The US trade commission starts a department that will specifically focus on major tech companies.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) oversees business. The watchdog now establishes a ‘task force’ that looks at companies that are engaged in ‘social networks, online advertisements, mobile operating systems and platforms’.

The seventeen-strong department mainly looks at companies such as Google and Facebook, even though they are not mentioned by name and by name. “The technological market affects the economy on all sides and raises new questions for anti-trust authorities,” says the new director of the department.

Large tech companies have been under fire worldwide for some time because of their alleged monopoly positions. In Europe, Google already got a record fine for abusing its dominant position, and Facebook is no longer allowed to bundle services in Germany.

Large platforms are also under fire in the United States, particularly because of their role in the public debate.

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