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The influence of Hunter Biden is still unclear

During the debate, President Trump regularly attacked his opponent on tabloid newspaper The New York Post’s stories about those e-mails.

It did not seem to bother the president that his claims that Joe Biden was guilty of corruption and “should be in jail” have so far been of little use when it comes to evidence. The brutal attempts by the president’s party colleagues and some media on the right of the political spectrum to stir up a scandal do not change that much.

The latest developments on the issue revolve around Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s business partner in a failed investment project in China. Trump claimed during the debate that Father Joe made millions off that company. Bobulinski was in the audience as a guest of the president.

A few hours earlier, the businessman held a press conference, repeating his earlier accusation that Biden was aware of his son’s undertaking. Bobulinski showed us three old cell phones, which he believed contained evidence of that theorem.

The former business partner didn’t show journalists the evidence and gave them no access to the phones. That was reminiscent of Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, who has long been hunting for incriminating information about the Bidens and the linchpin of the recent stories of the New York Post. Giuliani regularly claims to have an excess of incriminating evidence, but does not make it available for verification.

The Wall Street Journal, which is part of the same media conglomerate as Fox News and the Post, and in particular, it does not apply as a left stronghold, and wrote about it in the statements made by the former business partner of Hunter Biden: “the text messages and e-mails related to the company, and by mr. Bobulinski in this paper have been obtained, mainly in the spring and summer of 2017 to show that Hunter Biden, or James Biden [the brother of Joe, ed.] discussed a role for Joe Biden in the company.”

The Democratic presidential candidate denies that Hunter used his last name for financial gain. He accuses the Republicans of a” smear campaign ” and says he was not involved in his son’s business adventures.

Even if Biden is lying about the latter, it’s not clear what exactly would be punishable by that. He was out of political office in 2017, and doing business with China is far from taboo in the US. Neither does making money from a reputation as a politician: American former presidents are regularly paid handsomely to come and give lectures.

Despite the noticeably calmer stance taken by the president on Thursday evening and the increased number of policy exchanges, Trump seized the opportunity to make far-reaching claims with a dubious factual basis on the person Biden.

After months of claims that the Democrat was demented, his focus is now on Hunter Biden. Given the lack of success of that first offensive, it does not seem likely that the blanks that have so far come out of the “smoking gun” around the former vice president’s son will resonate in the voting booth.

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