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Tensions escalate between China and India, US proposed mediation

The US is closely monitoring the border dispute between China and India and hopes that the countries will be able to reach a peaceful solution. That’s what a US State Department spokesman says to Reuters news agency after India yesterday accused China of “provocative actions.”

According to India, Chinese troops tried to cross the disputed border between countries via a pass in the Himalayas in the North Indian region of Ladakh. India responded by mobilizing troops and placing them on four strategic hills. China says that it is India that creates additional tensions with troop movements.

The outbreak of the conflict did not lead to fighting between the armies, as was the case in June, when at least 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers were killed in a confrontation. The troops would have attacked each other with iron rods and stones; no shots would have been fired.

The border dispute between the two great powers dates back to a short war in 1962, which was lost by India. Since then, both China and India have claimed areas on either side of the approximately 4000 km border. Earlier this year, US president Trump said that the US is prepared to mediate between the countries.

An interesting implication of the tensions is the recent Indian ban on Chinese software.

India has blocked the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), WeChat and 116 other Chinese apps from immediately. According to the Indian Ministry of Information Technology, the apps would be guilty of ‘activities detrimental to Indian sovereignty’.

The Indian government claims to have several signals that China is trying to steal data from Chinese apps like WeChat and PUBG. That is why the government has decided to ban 118 Chinese apps.

PUBG is the most popular mobile game in India. The game is owned by the South Korean game studio Bluehole, but the mobile version was developed and distributed by the Chinese Tencent.

India had already blocked 59 Chinese apps earlier this year. Chinese citizens wishing to invest in Indian companies have had to obtain permission from the GoI since April.

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