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Ten GOP senators found an excuse to vote for Dems

A dozen Republican senators have developed their own plan for stimulus and would like to discuss it with president Joe Biden. The group based its own plan on a number of previous support measures which were supported by a majority and came up with a package of some 600 billion dollars. They’re going to announce the details on Monday.

Biden wants to offer $ 1,900 billion in support to citizens, businesses and governments. This must resolve the worst consequences of the crisis. The head of the White House Economic Council has said that the plan will be ‘certainly looked at’.

Support for Biden’s plan doesn’t seem to be there. Normally, 60 votes are required in the Senate, where both parties have 50 seats. That’s why it’s relevant that ten Republicans come up with their own plan.

The ten senators argue that Biden can later try to implement other parts of his own support plan through budget negotiations. However, the possibilities are more limited.

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