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Supreme Court ruling is a nightmare for Johnson

The ruling by the British Supreme Court this morning was not tender: Prime Minister Boris Johnson broke the law when he suspended parliament for five weeks. Parliament can therefore go back to work immediately. There is only one agenda item for the opposition in the coming days: the Prime Minister’s resignation. What exactly will happen is still unclear.

At the end of August, Johnson suspended the British parliament until October 14, two and a half weeks before the Brexit deadline. According to the prime minister, this was necessary because he wants to present new plans from the government on 14 October through a throne speech. The opposition in the lower house reacted furiously. According to them, the parliament was sidelined to prevent it from being able to thwart its Brexit plans.

The supreme judge in Britain today unanimously decided that what Johnson has done is illegal. “The judge was very destructive: this should never have happened,” says correspondent Tim de Wit. “It is not unusual for a prime minister to suspend parliament for government plans. That does happen for five weeks. The judge in fact concludes that Johnson has done so under false pretenses. That is why the opposition says he lied to parliament and the queen “

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