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Social Democratic Party PSOE wins Spanish elections

PSOE, the social-democratic workers’ party of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, has made a big victory in the parliamentary election on Sunday. More than 90 percent of the votes were counted and PSOE stood at 28.8 percent. That is good for 122 seats in the Spanish parliament.

Pablo Casado’s conservative party PP, who succeeded Mariano Rajoy, fell back from 137 to 65 delegates (16.7 percent). The center-right Ciudadanos (15.8) and the left-hand Unidos Podemos (14.3) are the numbers three and four with 57 and 42 seats respectively.

The right-wing nationalist newcomer Vox (10.2 percent) comes as it looks with 24 delegates to parliament. The turnout was remarkably high at more than 75 percent. Winning Prime Minister Sánchez has announced that he wants to form a pro-European government. He does not yet exclude any party, but “wants a government that respects the constitution and promotes social justice”.

Both the left and right bloc need the support of small parties, including the Catalan separatists, to form a majority government. Sánchez will probably try it first with Unidos Podemos.

A collaboration between PSOE and Ciudadanos, which regularly calls itself a liberal but usually seeks the right flank, would also be an option, according to the El País newspaper. In the run-up to the polls, the third in 3.5 years, the party leaders said they did not see this cooperation.

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