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Russian official reminds about supersonic superiority

The influential adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Patrushev, warns the United States with the total destruction of the country. “Russia is patient and does not intimidate anyone,” Patrushev argues, ” but it has modern and unique weapons that can destroy any adversary, including the US, in the event of a threat to Russian existence.’

The influential adviser certainly does not shy away from further threats. For example, he says that American politicians should not expect that the US can respond in a timely manner if a “direct conflict” arises with Russia. “That is short-sighted stupidity, and very dangerous,” Patrushev told Russia’s Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

“Russia is patient and does not intimidate anyone with its military advantage. But it has at its disposal modern unique weapons that allow it to destroy any adversary, including the United States, in the event of a threat to its existence, ” the adviser continues.

Tactical nuclear weapons deployed in Belarus

The threat from Patrushev, who is also the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, follows Putin’s announcement that he wants to place strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus. It is about tactical nuclear weapons that Putin wants to place on July 1 in a new facility to be built in Belarus. Russia is not violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with the move, Putin claims, because the United States is also stationing nuclear weapons with European allies.

It is very likely that the tactical nuclear weapons will actually be placed. The Belarusian president Aleksandr Lukashenko is an ally of Putin and previously received help from Russia to stay in power.

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