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Russia denies the South Korean airspace violation

Russia denies that a Russian bomber has violated South Korean airspace. On Tuesday morning, South Korea fired hundreds of warning shots after a Russian military aircraft flew over South Korean territorial waters, the South Korean defense ministry said. Russia accuses South Korea of ​​”dangerous behavior”.

Three Russian bombers, along with two Chinese aircraft, were reported to have been sighted in the air defense identification zone, the area above the Japanese Sea that borders Japan, South Korea, North Korea, China and Russia.

One of the Russian aircraft would then have flown over territorial waters off the South Korean island of Dokdo. South Korean fighter jets fired warning shots, after which the plane disappeared. Twenty minutes later the aircraft returned and again warning shots were fired.

South Korea is going to ask both the Russian and Chinese ambassador for an explanation. A South Korean security adviser has said that the country will react more forcefully in the next violation. In a reaction, the Russian Ministry of Defense denies that the bomber has violated South Korea’s airspace. The ministry accuses South Korean fighter jets of “unprofessional and dangerous maneuvers” near Russian aircraft. Moreover, the South Korean planes would not have communicated with the Russian bombers.

“It is not the first time that South Korean pilots interfere with Russian military action above neutral waters,” said the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Japan is filing a complaint against Russia and South Korea

Japan has informed both Russia and South Korea through diplomatic channels that it does not like this type of action in Japanese territory. The South Korean island of Dokdo, above which the incident took place, is also claimed by Japan. The Japanese call the island Takeshima.

China has not yet responded.

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